About EvolveRed

/ Logo Design & Marketing
/ 15+ Years Experience
/ Over 300 Satisfied Clients

I’m Alex, a Digital Media master-certified professional from American International College. With a diverse clientele spanning across Boston and beyond, I take pride in assisting start-up businesses, bringing their visions to life. EvolveRed, the name I’ve chosen, represents a mindset of constant growth and a deep passion for my craft.

With over 15 years of experience in graphic design since my early days with my first computer in 2001, EvolveRed has evolved from a personal hobby to a thriving freelance venture. Today, I offer entrepreneurs and business owners a comprehensive range of services, including logo creation, complete brand development, marketing assistance, and more.

At EvolveRed, my commitment to you is simple: under promise and over deliver. I’m always available to address any questions you may have, and I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate on creating a powerful brand for your startup or enhancing the public perception of your existing business.

Thank you for considering EvolveRed as your creative partner.


Services Offered:

  • Logo Design:
    Crafting unique and impactful logos that represent your brand identity.

  • Website Setup:
    Assisting in setting up your website to attract clients and generate leads.

  • Content Creation:
    Helping you create compelling website content that resonates with your target audience and drives client engagement.

  • Google My Business Optimization:
    Optimizing your Google My Business profile to enhance your local online visibility and attract more customers.

  • Consultations:
    Always available for consultations to discuss your specific needs and provide personalized guidance.

In addition to these services, I have explored various facets of design and marketing, understanding that these fields are constantly evolving. While I don’t consider myself an expert in any specific area, I have gained experience in diverse areas such as managing Google Ads campaigns with budgets of up to $20k per month, implementing effective local SEO strategies that resulted in websites ranking for over 10,000 keywords and generating more than 100 leads monthly. I am familiar with CRM systems like HubSpot and Zoho, skilled in landing page design, and experienced in conversion rate optimization. To optimize your website performance, I utilize tools like Hotjar, which provides valuable insights into user behavior and engagement.

With this broad skill set and understanding of evolving design and marketing trends, I can help you with a range of needs to enhance your brand and online presence.