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– Alex Go

"Alex did a great job, friendly to deal with, very talented and his final package had a bunch of cool extras, excellent value."
"Excellent work and turnaround time. I was very pleased with the designs. Alex also provided several design variations and color schemes to give me flexibility in my business needs. I recommend Alex to anyone that wants a professionally designed logo."
"Alex makes really creative, clean, and well designed logos. I would recommend his work to anyone."
Joe Gonzalez
Philosophy of Strength

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Colors are pivotal in logo design, conveying emotions and messages to consumers. Understanding color theory helps businesses create logos that resonate with their audience, standing out in a crowded market. By selecting the right colors, businesses craft memorable logos that represent their brand identity effectively.

Explore the intricacies of logo design as we dissect different logo types, revealing how each can be strategically employed to craft a distinctive brand identity that perfectly reflects your business.

eps vs svg. what file format is best

When it comes to logo design, file formats play a critical role in ensuring the highest quality of the final product. The two most popular vector file formats for logos are SVG and EPS. While both are vector-based formats that allow for scalability without loss of quality, there are significant differences between them.